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The Development Authority of Mercer County is committed to economic growth. Now with new technological advances the area is open to all types of industry. The Development Authority Board of Directors and staff are pro-business and support not only the recruitment of new industry, but also the retention and expansion of existing companies.

Mercer County boasts a wealth of advantages for business success:

  • Government and business leaders committed to economic growth.
  • Educated and productive workforce.
  • Moderate cost of living.
  • Lower housing costs.
  • Low crime rate.
  • Engineering and construction firms ready to meet company needs.
  • Excellent transportation system.
  • Lower power costs.
  • Desirable recruiting location.
  • Regional and state workforce initatives.

Mercer County is located in the southern tip of West Virginia, approximately 100 miles from the State Capitol in Charleston. Bluefield and Princeton are the major cities with Princeton being the county seat.

Mercer County was founded almost a quarter of a century before the Civil War, incorporated by an act of the Virginia General Assembly and named for General Hugh Mercer, a Revolutionary WarHero.

Also, learn more about the Historic Ridge Runner Railroad. The attached file can be downloaded to learn more about the tourist attraction that once ran atop East River Mountain, and now has been beautifuly restored in Bluefield, West Virginia's Tony Lotito City Park.





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